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First name : CECILE
Place of birth : Liège (Soumagne)
Education : studied at the " Académie des Beaux-Arts " in Liège (painting)


Galerie Cyan (Liège)
Galerie Gille-Stiernet (Bruxelles)
Maison de la Culture ( Namur )
Centre culturel de Marchin
Ancienne Abbaye de Stavelot
Galerie Devos (Alost)
Musée d'Art moderne de Liège…



This artist works according to nature ; she hopes to find a medium between everyday life and nature. She creates very personal technics from Chinese ink, charcoal, or a pencil.
As for the supports, she often chooses reprocessive paper already filled with its own history.


WORK NAME : Apple tree
DATE : 1992
TECHNICS : Chinese ink and water colour

Natural elements are source of inspiration for Cécile Vandresse.
Here it is a humble apple tree which shouts at us with its fragility.
The artist expresses with the delicate values, the mobility of the tree in space reinforced by the oblique direction of a " branch " element having a lighter value. Simplicity ?
This work only looks simple ! I feel - looking at it longer - that this tree, thanks to the magical paintbrush of the artist, is filled with a secret, complex and wild life.
I'm bound to it by a small but real space.
Is it me ? Am I it ?


Cécile Vandresse appeared to me as someone very radiant.
If she works at the " Académie des Beaux-Arts " in Liège, she nevertheless spends a long time painting. She likes talking about her work.
She first becomes imbued with nature felt as life in its primordial state and as an exhaustible source of inspiration.
The emotions felt when facing these plants are then translated into drawings and synthetic shapes which express her true personality and her cyclic vision of life. Her paintings should arouse reflexion, or even meditation and they can be understood at different levels.

ARTIST'S WORDS : Cécile Vandresse comments on her works in these words :

'I always work starting from what I can see. From the feelings I feel when I see it. I do things according to my intuition. Everything is decided in no time : the choice of a tool or support, but also the choice of an subject.
Why such a tree or such a hill, why such a flowers and not another one, I don't know. What matters is that the breathing that animates the plant or the hill can be found back on the drawing. Each time you must start again and try to be things as if it was the first time.

To show her paintings and drawings is indeed, for her, a mean to give them a meaning even if the artist's essential processes remains her personal research.


Chinese ink and water colour on paper
1998-30.5x26.5 cm

Chinese ink and water colour on paper
1988-20x24.5 cm

Pencil and brou de noix on paper
1989-33x24 cm

Work by Delphine EVRARD

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