Section Liège-Belgique


First name: MICKAËL
Birthplace: PAMPLUNE (Espagne)
Educational background: Etudes secondaires à l'Institut Sainte-Claire de Verviers
Etudes supérieures à l'Institut Saint-Luc de Liège
1re peinture 94-95
Académie des Beaux-Arts de Liège en Gravure 96-98



Personal exhibitions:
1996 Café Galerie Liège
1997 Galerie " Prince de Condé " Spa
1998 Galerie " Marielle "

Collective exhibitions:
1996 " Batifix " Retinne
1996 " Château des Quatre Tourettes " Liège
1997 " Moulin du Ry de Vaux " Nessonvaux
1997 " Art et Present " " Marielle " Liège
1998 " Galerie d'art contemporain " Visé
1999 " Liberté " " Marielle " Liège
1999 " 1re Biennale " Art en Wallonie " Namur


Prix de la Presse pour la sculpture


Analysis of a work

Date of the work: 1998

Size: 100/100
Material: Iron sheet and wood

The work, square shaped, is divided into 3 horizontal areas. Both outside surfaces are the same size and the material is coated iron sheet. The central area, very narrow, is made of a regular juxtaposition of pieces of wood painted in black and vertically orientated. Both larger surfaces are light coloured to reflect light. The iron sheet reflects the light softly, timidly with a sort of intimacy,. On the contrary, the central area is painted in black, but it's a black fixing the light and playing with it. It's the light which gives life to the wood and makes the silver and copper reflections of this material shine.

Personal opinion

The work I have chosen to study is very representative of his art. The feeling that prevails is a kind of oppression: the metal seems to trap the pieces of wood, to dominate them and, as to take their revenge, the small wood logs reflect a host of shines of different colours and intensity.

It's just like music: the rays of light hit the keys of wood just like hammers on a xylophone.
That's why this work which could provoke anxiety is full of life.
I'd like to thank Mickaël Lallemand who kindly received me; with much simplicity he presented me the évolution of his work and the goal of this one. He thinks that an artist plays a vital role in our society in order to incite people to discover themselves and raise their thoughts. On the other hand, each exhibition is for him a major event because the meeting with art lovers makes him richer and offers him another look upon his work and is also a source of improvement. This work has given me the opportunity the enter an artist's universe and to measure the way he has accomplished since he left school and also to feel the pride of someone living for his art and sharing it with pleasure.

With pleasure
Mr Lallemand's works

date: 1998
Material: wood and ston

DATE: 1996
MATERIAL: plaster and iron

DATE: 1998
MATERIAL: wood and stone

DATE : 1998
SIZE : 260/30 cm


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